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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Katrina Burgoyne :Little Aussie Beauty with Big Country Dreams

 Hi everybody...Sorry for the extremely late post (I`m trying to figure out a way to post more so please bare with me) Hope this makes up for it, I think its a lovely piece about an incredible lady.

 A few months ago I go to my +Instagram as we all do, greeted by a host of likes and follows. And of course our natural curiosity  causes us to "tap" on said liker/follower to see who this person is and normally casually, courteously, you respond in kind with your own "like" and or" follow" and this day I ran onto +Katrina Burgoyne . Katrina is from Gunnedah, South Wales Australia...she`s a photographer, a former contestant on their version of +The Bachelor  and she sings country.

 So I found my way to her website where she speaks of her dream of coming to America and making it big in Nashville which ironically is the name of her mini cd  she was selling to raise money to come US, and her hard work finally paid off. January of this year she packed up her belongings and is currently pursuing that dream in Nashville
My nephew and I drove up to Nashville this past weekend because he was on school break and to just get out of the city. And Katrina had two shows at +The Row Kitchen & Pub and we were not disappointed in the least she was amazing.

 Her hour long performance included original tunes as well as covers including the Jackson 5`s "I  anwant you Back.

As of this posting is is doing extremely well in  the International Songwriter Competition and if you you would like to vote for her click here

You can follow and support her via her site (listed above)

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Memphis Comic Expo Returns!!

The third season of The Memphis Comic Expo debuts at The Cannon Center Center in downtown Memphis Oct. 22-23. A weekend filled with comics artists, creators, and cosplay. The brainchild of +Donald Juengling of Comics and Collectibles and author of Bethany`s Song ,his first self published graphic novel which he released in 2014.
Anthony Max, Donald Juengling, Adam Shaw & Jean Holmgren

Junengling pulls out all the stops when putting up an expo strongly based on a comics theme, gathering artist and writers from both major publications (Marvel and DC) as well as independent companies Image, Dark horse, Boom, IDW etc.
Darick Roberson

This years expo will feature a slew of comic legends including George Perez (Incredible Hulk, Teen Titans)  Peter David (Incredible Hulk), Kevin Nowlan (Batman :Sword of Azreal ,Superman vs, Aliens), and hometown artist doing incredibly well like Mike Norton (Battle Pug, Archer &Armstrong) and John Lucas (Deadpool) 

Mike Norton and John Lucas
And you can`t mention hometown and not have "The King" himself Jerry Lawler and not only will he be attending but he will be bringing his batmobile as well.

And since comics can spinoff into other properties there will also be a couple of voice actors as well Animation voice actor Mike McFarland (Master Roshi on Dragon Ball) and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy of Teen Titans, Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

And of course no con/expo is not complete with out the creativity of the people attending and their amazing coaplay

For more information on the expo please visit 


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Historical Haunts: The Paranormal Side of Memphis

Welllllllll, It`s October ....Halloween. So it`s only natural to want to do something related to the theme. So I went on a ghoooooooooost tour. I reached out to a friend of mine who could very well be the +Fox Mulder  of Memphis +Tanya Vandesteeg . Tanya along with Stephen Guenther of The MidSouth Paranormal Society, are local paranormal investigators who can tell you a lot about true unexplained events that happened here and the mid south.
Tanya Vandesteeg and Stephen Guenther

Part of  The Atlantic Paranormal Society or worldly know as +Syfy `s Ghost Hunters TAPS ( +TAPS HOME TEAM ). Their services include  tours in historic buildings, around downtown,a hunted pub crawl, as well as being able to be a part of actual three hour investigation. I took part is the "Haunted Memphis" Bus tour
Historical Haunts bus

I met up with Tanya at her "base of operations" 546 South Main, which is not only home for them but +The Broom Closet  which includes readings and workshops

 and The Fantom Art Gallery which features original artwork from local artist

 A perfect trifecta "The art of Magic and The Magic of Art"

The tour pick up begins at  Tater Reds on Beale Street and ends at +The Orpheum Theatre .As you journey on your macabre trip from point A to point B you learn of the "curse" that was placed on the land by the Chicksaw and the trail of strange mysterious action that follow
The spirit of a little boy has been seen in the main park fountain

The best part of all of this is you don`t have to wait for Halloween to be a part of this, but it sure makes it a lot more fun

Many thanks to the members is Historical Haunts and The MidSouth Paranormal Society
What`s that in the window?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Southern Avenue: This IS Memphis Music!!! Israeli..two black women..and...a white guy walk into a bar....wait, wait don`t stop me you haven`t heard this before.  This isn`t some corny, off colored, racist joke ending with an eye-roll and collective groan....This is the band..  +Ori Naftaly sisters Tierinii & Tikyra Jackson and Daniel Mckee they are Southern Avenue and they are awesome!!

Now the bar that I first heard them in as an actual band was The Blue Monkey in Memphis Tennessee

Ori(guitarist) and Tierinii(vocals)

After hearing them in a acoustic setting I couldn't wait to hear the actual band  live. A that time I thought Tierinii was just a solo artist and Ori was just a guitarist and a friend of mine told me on no they are band and her sisters just as talented as she is. So I really couldn`t wait to capture the full experience of Southern Avenue .

In the meantime while still on my Mary Owens ( ) fix  (to which I am still on). I found out Mary was 
 at +Otherlands Coffee Bar , so of course I attended(and of course she was wonderful) After she was done I bought her CD "Sweet Soul" (even though I already had a digital copy via Itunes), and to my surprise on a couple of songs one of the background vocalist is Tikrya Jackson!!

Tikyra (Drums)

So now, I`m really eager to hear this band that`s not only catching my interest and the city of Memphis but those on a much larger scale like say +Melissa Etheridge when she made a recent visit working on her upcoming CD , being finalist in the International Blues Challenge, and most recently being officially signed by +Stax Records (congratulations by the way)

Daniel (Bass)

Not bad for band that`s only been together about a year and getting ready to head to Europe to tour

So if you happen to in a club or bar and the musical entertainment is in fact +Southern Ave , stick around for an incredible show or the jokes gonna be on you!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zombie Girl for Purchase on Redbubble

During the first Memphis Comic Expo, I met a gentleman named +AG Howard whom is an incredible makeup artist and special effects guy who was just featured on not only just +ESPN and  buy +USA TODAY  and other media outlets for the "Zombification" of  +DeAngelo Williams and his wife for a +The Walking Dead themed wedding.

So while trying out +Redbubble  it allows you to not only see you images as photograph prints but also as clothing and other items as well
travel mugs

phones cases..


I prefer the black & white but to each their own..

if interested visit

and to see more or Mr. Howard`s work